Samba Fusion.

Samba Fusion is a Vancouver Dance Group whose roots are based in Brazilian Samba fused with numerous dance styles, music and rhythms. 

Samba Fusion Brazilian Dance Group

This Dance Group was formed by Carine Carroll and Andrea Monteiro in 2009 because of their common dance background in "Samba." As the ideas flowed in the initial stages of Samba Fusion's development, more dancers joined the group and each dancer brought their on experience in different styles of dance. This is how the name of the group, Samba Fusion, came to transpire. The women have been working to weave and fuse many styles of dance and rhythms together to create a new vision of dance - to capture the audience and leave them fascinated with the worldly flavor!

Dancers have studied and performed dance in Brazil, Canada,China, Central America, and Tibet.


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